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    Shanghai Qunqi Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. I Company Introduction Shanghai Qunqi brand from professional, progressive and integrity. Shanghai Qunqi Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2008, registered in Shanghai. The company stick to the "professional" of the line. A team of experienced professionals are currently providing customers with machine spare part, machine repair, re-tooling, as well as after-sales service, and other professional services. The company stick to the "aggressive and integrity" of the line, and cooperating with first-class international famous companies, constantly learning and effective use of advanced technology, providing an effective sales and service platform for customers. II Management structure Mrs Klaudia Xia--General manager Mr Peter Xiong--CFO Mrs Jessica Xia-- Sales director, speak Deutsch Mr Gehard Sun--Service director, speak Deutsch and English Mr Armin Chen--Service leader for Mechanical, speak English Mr Werner He-- Service leader for Electrical, speak English III Service Shanghai Qunqi currently employs 10 people, has professional mechanical and electrical maintenance engineers, specifically for the Chinese market for overseas machine service work. In a timely manner to provide users with high-quality after-sales service, service response time within 24 hours and, if possible, take the next plane or train rushed to the client company. In Shanghai there is a spart parts stock. ALL THE SPARE PART CAN BE PAID BY RMB. Shanghai Qunqi can also provide machine modification, personnel training, technical support for the clients production, extension of the warranty and maintenance etc. IV Main chinese customers A Anhui Anhui Jianghuai Anhui Chery A Anqing Anqing TP Goetze Liner B Beijing Asimco Braking Tech C Chengdu Chengdu Yinhe Chengdu Zhengheng C Chongqing Chongqing Qinan Chongqing Changan D Dalian Dalian Diesel G Guangdong Dongwan Hongtu Guangzhou Honda G Guangxi Yunlin Diesel H Hebei Hebei Huabei Diesel Heibei Jingang H Henan Henan Zhongyuan Henan GKN Nanyang Hongyang H Hainan Hainan Mazda J Jiangxi Jiangling Motor L Langfang Langfang Meilian S Shanghai Shanghai Gear Shanghai VW Shanghai Denso Shanghai EV Shanghai GM Shanghai Huapu Shanghai Diesel Shanghai Jinshan Liner S Shiyan 2nd Automobile T Tianjin Tianjin 1st Automobile W Wuhan Shenlong automobile Wuhan Honda W Wuxi Wuxi Bosch Wuxi Weifu X Xiangfan Dongfeng Cummis Y Yunnan Yunnan Xiyi Y Yangzhou Yangzhou Liner Y Yantai SGM Yantai Z Zhejiang Zhejiang Geely V Company contact Shanghai Qunqi Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Address: Qu Xi Road 301-3-1903, 200011 Shanghai, P.R.China Fax: 0086-21-63132133 Tel0086-21-63168669 Contact personJessica Xia Mobile0086-18019022882 Email:yingyingxia@shqunqi.com

+86-21-6316-8669     棺+86-21-6313-2133    E-mail:yingyingxia@shqunqi.com
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